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There are a lot of home inspection companies and Home Inspectors in SW Florida, how do you choose the right one? How do you know you are getting someone properly licensed & trained and able to look out for your best interests when buying a home? All very good questions. THE biggest, and most important thing you need to know as a client is this; before July of 2010 there was no licensing exam to take (like now) or requirements, to be a Home inspector in Florida!! (and in 2012 the mandatory requirement for in the field experience with a licensed inspector was removed from the requirements) Scary right? The second question is are you an interNACHI certified Master home inspector? interNACHI certified Master inspectors are THE best home inspectors in the world.

An other question a customer should ask the Home Inspector is how long they have been performing home inspections, and if they have been in business before July of 2010, ask them if they have taken the State exam, or if they were "grandfathered" in. If they won't answer you, dodge the question or come up with excuses, look for another inspector. Also ask them where they trained, and what school they attended. If they were not trained by a certified inspection school like AHIT or interNACHI, and did not receive professional training and claimed they learned only by being a contractor or other profession (without a proper education) walk away. Experience as a contractor is not a bad thing (I was a home improvement contractor for over 38 years myself) but being a contractor DOES NOT automatically qualify you as, or make you a good Home Inspector. Inspecting homes & building homes are to completely different things. Our lead Home inspector Philip Gaither is an interNACHI certified CMI Master home inspector, an interNACHI & IAC2 Certified Mold inspector, an AHIT certified Master home inspector, an Owens Corning certified roof data technician/inspector, and a certified 3C Roof hail & Storm damage inspector as well as a mentor/instructor thru interNACHI.

Philip Gaither

CMI Master Home Inspector

Fl. Lic. HI-4837

interNACHI Master inspector

AHIT Master home inspector

IAC2 Mold inspector

interNACHI mentor/instructor


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