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*Assurance Home Inspection Services, LLC, was voted #1 on as one of the ten best Home Inspection companies in SW Florida/Fort Myers for 2018,

*Home inspections starting at $350.00 

Inspection package #1:  $400.00 (2,000 sq.ft. and under)
*Home inspection by an inter-NACHI certified CMI 
Master inspector/AHIT Master inspector
*Wind mitigation inspection ($125 value!)
*Visual Chinese Drywall inspection (at no extra charge)
*Limited FLIR infrared/Thermal imaging inspection of certain areas of the home (this is NOT an FLIR/Thermal imaging inspection of the entire home)
**interNACHI's "Buy your home back" guarantee

Commercial & Residential inspections:
We are so confident that we will give you the best Home inspection in SW Florida and  exceed your expectations that we have partnered with interNACHI to provide you with the best Home inspection guarantee in the industry!! Backed by interNACHI, if we miss anything in the interNACHI standards of practice ( while performing your Home inspection and you are not happy, interNACHI will buy your home back at the full purchase price within the first 90 days of the closing date *(closing costs not included). At Assurance home inspection services, we are focused on providing our customers with quality, thorough home inspections, commercial property inspections  and unsurpassed client focused customer service and satisfaction. With the most modern up to date computer generated Checklist reports with color pictures usually delivered within 24 hours or sooner. We use the most modern, up to date tools and equipment in the industry and we are consistently referred by some of SW Florida's best real estate agents, mortgage brokers, insurance agents and past clients. We are a family owned and operated business and we will do everything we can to exceed your expectations, and provide you with the best possible Home inspection in SW Florida at a competitive price, and make the inspection of your new home as stress free as possible. Our lead inspector Philip Gaither is dual certified Master Home inspector; an interNACHI certified CMI Master Home inspector, and an AHIT certified Master Home inspector course graduate.  

 With a variety of Commercial, Residential and insurance inspection services to choose from; Residential home inspections for buyers and sellers, Commercial property inspections, wind mitigation reports, 4-point inspections, roof certifications, and property condition/maintenance reports. We're sure you'll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any questions, please feel free to email or call us anytime at (239)770-3391.     

house pic 43 House envelope picture A limited FLIR infrared/Thermal imaging inspection of certain areas of the home (not the entire home/structure) is included FREE with every full home inspection! (most other inspectors charge an additional fee). An infrared home inspection can very often possibly reveal hidden issues in a home that are often only visible with a FLIR camera/inspection, Infrared camera Inspection can be used to detect possible hidden plumbing leaks or problems, roof leaks, and much more. 

*Owens Corning Certified Roof Inspector

flir pic 2 FLIR camera pictures

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Fax (800)914-8543


Inspection services pricing: 
Single family homes/Town homes/Villas/Condos 
Condos 100-1,499 sq ft. $300.00
100-1,499     sq ft.          $350.00                                                                                 
1,401-2,000  sq. ft.         $375.00 
2,001-2,500 sq. ft.          $425.00                             
2,501-3,000  sq.ft.          $450.00         
3,001-4,000  sq.ft.          $500.00             
4,000-5,000  sq.ft.          $550.00 
5,001-6,000 sq. ft.          $600.00 
7,001-8,000 sq. ft.          $700.00
*8,000+ sq.ft. or more & Multi family properties, Commercial buildings, apartment buildings please call for pricing.

Current Specials (11/01/17-12/31/18):
Home inspection package #1  $400.00 (2,000 sq.ft. or under)
*Home inspection by AHIT Master certified, and inter-NACHI certified Master inspector
*Chinese Drywall inspection (visual only) by AHIT & inter-NACHI certified Master inspector
*Wind Mitigation inspection
*Limited FLIR infrared/Thermal imaging inspection of certain areas of the home (this is NOT an   IR/Thermal imaging inspection of the entire home/structure)
**interNACHI's "Buy your house back" guarantee

Home inspection package #2  $450.00"The Works" for homes built in 1998 or earlier (2,000 sq.ft. or under)
*Home inspection by inter-NACHI certified Master inspector & AHIT Master inspector
*Chinese Drywall inspection (visual only) by AHIT & inter-NACHI certified Master inspector
*Wind Mitigation Inspection 
*Pool inspection
*Four point inspection by Fl. Licensed, AHIT Master insp. interNACHI certified Master inspector
*Limited FLIR infrared/Thermal imaging inspection of certain areas of the home (this is NOT an *IR/Thermal imaging inspection of the entire home/structure)
**interNACHI's "Buy your house back" guarantee

*11th month home warranty inspections
** The above "Specials" reflect current discounts offered, and are limited offers (and are NOT our regular prices) we reserve the right to change pricing at any time

**Commercial inspections please call for pricing (239)770-3391

Insurance inspection pricing:
*Includes free consultation on how to get the credits that can help save you money on insurance!!
Wind Mitigation            $125           **only $50 with Home inspection
Four point inspection    $175          **only $50 with Home inspection
Roof certification report $150          **only $50 with home inspection

Chinese/Defective Drywall inspections from $300 (only $50 with Home inspection)
Pool inspections from $250 (only $50 with home inspection) 

Unattached garage/building, Pole barns, sheds  from  $75 (with home inspection)

Termite/WDO(Wood destroying organism) inspections:
*Call for details/to set up an inspection (239)770-3391

Mold inspections: **(a mold inspection is not the same as a mold assessment): Our lead Home inspector Philip Gaither is an IAC2 (international association of certified indoor air consultants) certified mold inspector, and an interNACHI certified mold inspector.
Florida law allows Licensed Fl. Home inspectors to perform, inspect, sample, and identify visible mold, assuming the visible mold discovered during the home inspection is less 10 square feet in area at the time of the inspection (or if there is no visible mold at the time of the inspection), however mold assessment of a home requires a Fl. licensed Mold Assessor, for more information see page #2 of this website. If a mold assessment is required we recommend a Fl. licensed CIE (certified indoor environmentalist) mold assessor such as John Cosgrove CIE at Radon & Mold mold assessment.
Please call (239)770-3391 for information/pricing regarding mold inspections.




Mold assessment of indoor living space:
Full mold/Air quality assessment by CIE (certified indoor environmental) inspector:
Radon & Mold Professionals, John Cosgrove CIE (see page 2)
Mold air sampling:  $220.00  /   2 levels  $330.00 (1 A/C)
One level $550 (one AC), Two levels (one AC) $670
Just visual $500     Just visual attic $275.00
Mold assessment accessible indoor space & attic  $1,030.00 

Radon testing from  (see page 12) from  $140.00
Radon & Mold professionals (239)498-4619 or  (239)948-9717

*Above services are performed by qualified licensed independent contractors

**We do NOT inspect seawalls or under water portions of boat docks (items that are not required by Fl. State & interNACHI standards of practice) clients and Realtors are advised to have any seawalls and boat docks inspected by properly licensed contractors.

Assurance home inspection services, llc address: 6771 Southwell Dr. Fort Myers Fl. (239)770-3391
We accept all major credit cards; Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover card-
we accept all major credit cards on site or over the phonecredit card payments accepted on site or by phone
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