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GFCI (Ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets
Wind Mitigation in Florida
Federal pacific Stab lok panels


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Wind Mitigation in Florida
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GFCI (Ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets

  • GFCI Outlets in your home
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  • Function
    • Unlike standard electrical outlets, a GFCI outlet constantly monitors the amount of current flowing between the left (hot) and right (neutral) slots. If the GFCI outlet detects even the slightest deviation in the amount of current flowing between these two slots, it trips the internal circuit and cuts off electricity to the outlet.
    • GFCI outlets have been a requirement of the National Electrical Code in the following situations:· Outdoor receptacles since 1973

Wind Mitigation in Florida

Wind Storm mitigation in the State of Florida
Windstorm mitigation is our best defense against the devastating destruction caused by hurricane force winds. Windstorm mitigation means making your home more resistant to being damaged by high wind speeds caused by hurricanes and tropical storms. In addition to protecting you, your family, your possessions and your home, some of the things you do may lead to reductions in insurance premiums that you pay for the hurricane/wind coverage in your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Federal pacific Stab lok panels

Below is a excerpt of an article prepared for the 17th Annual Spring Seminar, Feb. 21, 2004 St. Louis Chapter, American Society of Home Inspectors by J. Aronstein, Consulting Engineer, Mechanical and Materials Engineering BME, MSME, Ph.D., N.Y.S. P.E. LIC. NO. 39860, 50 Pasture Lane, Poughkeepsie N.Y. 12603.
Unlike over-fusing and pennies behind the fuses, defective FPE breakers cannot be spotted by an inspector or tested by an electrician or homeowner. Without doing a functional test (at overload and short-circuit conditions) on each breaker, one pole at a time for the two-pole breakers, one cannot actually determine the present operating characteristics of a breaker.
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