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Mold inspections: **(mold inspections are NOT the same as a mold assessment):
Our lead Home inspector Philip Gaither is an IAC2 (international association of certified indoor air consultants) certified mold inspector, and an interNACHI certified mold inspector.

Florida law allows a Licensed Fl. Home inspector to perform, inspect, sample, and identify visible mold, assuming the visible mold discovered during the home inspection is less 10 square feet in area (or if there is no visible mold at the time of the inspection), however a mold assessment of a home requires a Fl. licensed Mold Assessor, for a proper mold assessment we recommend a Fl. licensed CIE (certified indoor environmentalist) mold assessor such as John Cosgrove CIE for a proper quality mold assessment.

Florida's Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) is responsible for licensing and regulating mold assessors and mold remediators. For more details, visit the Florida DBPR website for the mold-related services licensing program. 
According to a declaratory statement by G. W. Harrell, Florida DBPR Director, on March 28, 2013, a Florida-licensed home inspector:

  • "may inspect, sample, and identify visible mold, assuming the visible mold discovered during the home inspection is less 10 square feet in area," (or if there is no visible mold) and
  • "is allowed to advertise mold testing, sampling, and inspections within the scope of licensure as a home inspector, so long as he/she does not use the terms "certified mold assessor," "registered mold assessor," "licensed mold assessor," "mold assessor," "professional mold assessor," or any combination thereof stating or implying licensure as a mold assessor."
For mold inspections please call (239)770-3391 for pricing and information.

**For advanced Mold Assessments beyond the scope of a mold inspections performed by a home inspector (allowed above by Fl. law), and/or you have health concerns related to mold (always consult your Doctor or a medical professional if you have health concerns or questions relating to mold), and/or you have concerns regarding mold presence in a home your purchasing, selling or live in we recommend a licensed CIE (certified indoor environmentalist) such as John Cosgrove at Naples & Mold professionals:

The US Government requires the best mold assessors, shouldn't you? Are you concerned about mold or Radon when purchasing a new home or rental property in Florida? Did you know that Florida law requires that a mold assessor pass the CIE (council certified indoor environmentalist) or CIEC (council certified indoor environmental consultant) exams and be designated CIE/CIEC or pass the CMC exam to be a licensed mold assessor?  Also they are required to have a separate Mold inspection business from their Home inspection business registered with the State of Florida. If a Home inspector claims they are licensed or able to perform a mold assessment or inspection make sure that they show you a current license and that their license regarding mold has the CIE, CIEC designation or you might not be getting a proper mold inspection. Also be aware of inspectors that claim they are able to do mold inspections and are "Grandfathered" and that do not hold the proper CIE or CIEC designations or proper Mold license(s) as you will not be getting a proper mold assessment/inspection. Mold inspections require time and experience to be meaningful and informative and should take as long, or longer than the actual home inspection itself.  After all, Federal Government and most State government agencies insist on CIE or CIEC licensed inspectors for Mold & Radon inspections, and for good reasons. That's why we at Assurance Home Inspection Services have partnered with Florida State licensed CIE Mold & Radon inspectors Doug Wall, CIE and John Cosgrove CIE for all our clients Mold & Radon inspection needs, as Mike Holmes from the famous TV series Holmes on Holmes series says "do it right & inspect it right the first time".  Feel free to contact us at (239)770-3391 to schedule your Mold or Radon inspections, and we will do our best to schedule the inspection(s) at the same time as we are scheduled to do your Home Inspection, or feel free to call the Florida State CIE licensed Mold & Radon inspectors listed below to set up the inspections(s) yourself.

From the website of Radon & Mold professionals John Cosgrove CIE:
About Us:
Doug Wall retired from General Motors in 1995. After 4 years of "fishin snook" he started an environmental testing company, which now has 5 employees and performs over 900 mold inspections each year. We have performed over 13,000 radon tests and over 7,500 mold inspections with thousands of mold tests since 1999. We provide detailed mold reports with source identification, documentation of suspect conditions and recommendations for corrections if needed. Recommendations for corrections are based on nationally accepted industry standards. We are one of the few mold assessment companies in Southwest Florida that has mold E&O insurance; for both preliminary mold inspection and the Post -remediation or Clearance inspection (requires two different types of E&O).  We always use infrared thermal imaging cameras on every mold inspection/assessment. Unlike the home inspectors (Standard of Practice, SOP), we specialize in mold and indoor air quality testing and assessment. ACAC board Certified Indoor Environmentalist (4) and Certified Residential Mold Inspector (2), both certifications require atleast 2 years experience and rigid requirements just to apply for.  We are a Florida Department of Health certified radon measurement business RB1938; with 5 FL DOH certified radon measurement tech.'s  Doug Wall was the 1st inspector to qualify for a Florida Mold Assessor license July 13, 2010
Areas of Expertise
We are experienced in mold assessment and radon testing, performed over 13,000 radon tests and over 8,500 mold inspections with thousands of mold tests since 1999. Our staff includes ACAC board Certified Indoor Environmentalists and Residential Mold Inspectors. We specialize in environmental assessments and testing and leave the home inspections to home inspectors; 35 of which we work with in Southwest Florida.  Wether the structure is a Disney store, Babies Russ, high end home in Port Royal, or a small condo on the beach we have the knowledge and experience to do the inspection right. All of our employees are required to attend continuing education classes as members of the American Council for Accredited Certification.  We now have certified Indoor Environmentalists performing mold assessment in the greater Orlando area.  Rob Martin, CIE has performed thousands of mold inspections and testing with Radon & Mold Professionals in Florida.

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